7 out of 10 agencies creating XR projects are expressing the need of a tool to build XR mockups. Even experts from the “Laval Virtual Visions 2025 edition 2017” expressed that needs of a “Tools to design and prototype anticipated immersive experiences”.

3 B

XR compatible mobile phones

1 M

XR creators: agencies startup, freelancers

600 B

Forecast global XR market size for 2025



We provide a list of existing platforms to create XR projects and we compare them for you. So you always know the new features.

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Web XR

We regroup the latest features that are available right.

Mobile AR app

Choose the right platform to give birth to your ideas.

Social AR

We compare Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, propose the latest features to your client.

Prototype in a sec

We have built a simple tool to create XR prototypes quickly and efficiently, that generates a presentation ready to be sent to your clients.

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XR Thinking Studio

The platform to create interactive XR scenes directly from the browser.


Face, plane, object tracker ready to be used in your mockups.

Team work

Collaborate in real time with your team. Save and export your project.

Sell !

Export the perfect XR sales pitch containing your mockups, examples and tutorials. Give all the informations your clients need to see the strengths of your ideas.

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Sales Picth

We have created for you the perfect support for your sales pitch. We even incorporated analytics.

92% of clients

Say that better access to information has changed their expectations of companies.

Teach XR

Not everyone is an expert in XR! That's why we write blogs, tutorials that you can directly share to your client.

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